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No matter what your situation is, We are fully prepared to handle any move.


Local moves

As professional piano movers we understand pianos are an instrument and not just a piece of furniture and need to be treated as such with the utmost care. our specialized equipment and expertise will guarantee your piano makes it safely to its destination, however far that may be.

Piano Setup

If you had a mover pack your piano and place it on a moving truck, we can assist with unpacking your piano and setting it up in your new home.


Piano Disposal

As much as we hate to see them go, unfortunately everything has its limit. We can quickly get your piano disposed of and off your hands.

Out of state moves

Whether you are moving out of state or moving to the area from out of state, we can pick up and deliver your piano ourselves or coordinate with a national piano mover, to get your piano safely to where it needs to go.


Room to room moves

Going through a remodel or getting new flooring? Or maybe you decided you wanted your piano set up somewhere else. We can move and set your piano up in a different part of your home for short term or long term situations.

Short term storage

Whatever your situation is, our climate controlled storage facility will keep your piano safe and out of the way until you are ready for it.

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Tuning a piano is a very important part of regular maintenance on your piano. After your piano is acclimated to its new climate, we can schedule a tuning appointment. 

**subject to availability**

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