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How many people does it take to move a piano?

Most of the time, it takes two people to move a piano. Simple ground floor moves with minimal stairs, we can do with two people for a grand piano or your standard upright. However, the situation may warrant the need to bring a third or fourth person if there are stairs or other obstacles we need to accommodate for.

How much does my piano weigh?

Your standard upright piano can weigh anywhere between 300-500 lbs. and grand pianos can weigh anywhere between 500-1200 lbs. depending on length, manufacturer , and wood types. The largest piano we have moved was 9'6" and weighed in at 1217lbs.

Do you move furniture, gun safes, pool & billiard tables, exercise equipment or grandfather clocks?

At this time, we specialize in only moving pianos. Our trailer is only equipped for moving pianos and can not accommodate additional cargo.

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